mercredi 10 mars 2010

Le siège d'Alésia: une nouveauté prochaine

Je reviens à mon billet précédent, dédié aux jeux sur le siège d'Alésia. Worthington Games annonce la parution d'un jeu sur cette confrontation, qui devrait être assez simple et rapide à jouer. Voici la description tirée du site internet de l'éditeur:

"ALESIA will explore the Roman siege of Alesia and the Gaul relief attempt in 52 BC.
Caesar with his well trained legions (60,000 men) are laying siege to 60,000 Gaul warriors located at the town of Alesia which is virtually impregnable to attack.

Vercingetorix with 80,000 hungry warriors are waiting for the relief army of up to 250,000 warriors to attack the Romans and turn the tide of the rebellion.

As the Roman player you must juggle your men between your inner and outer siege lines fighting to keep the relief army out and the besieged army in. Speed of movement and your better trained troops are your strength. Can you use them to your advantage to repeat Caesar's greatest victory!

As the Gaul player you must decide where is the best place to attack with your relief army. You can move around the outer works to attack a weaker defended area but it will take time you may not have. And as the besieged forces do you attack where your relief army is attacking to coordinate your assault or attack the opposite side of the Roman works where hopefully the defense is weaker? The decisions are yours...

Scenarios will be playable in 1 to 2 hours. The game will come with mounted map, thick large counters, rules, and dice."

Je ne manquerai pas de revenir sur ce jeu à sa sortie.

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